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Aggregated Log Files should be combined



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      Turning on log aggregation allows users to easily store container logs in HDFS and subsequently view them in the YARN web UIs from a central place. Currently, there is a separate log file for each Node Manager. This can be a problem for HDFS if you have a cluster with many nodes as you’ll slowly start accumulating many (possibly small) files per YARN application. The current “solution” for this problem is to configure YARN (actually the JHS) to automatically delete these files after some amount of time.

      We should improve this by compacting the per-node aggregated log files into one log file per application.


        1. ConcatableAggregatedLogsProposal_v8.pdf
          124 kB
          Robert Kanter
        2. CombinedAggregatedLogsProposal_v7.pdf
          153 kB
          Robert Kanter
        3. CombinedAggregatedLogsProposal_v6.pdf
          127 kB
          Robert Kanter
        4. ConcatableAggregatedLogsProposal_v5.pdf
          195 kB
          Robert Kanter
        5. ConcatableAggregatedLogsProposal_v4.pdf
          191 kB
          Robert Kanter
        6. CombinedAggregatedLogsProposal_v3.pdf
          138 kB
          Robert Kanter
        7. YARN-2942.003.patch
          92 kB
          Robert Kanter
        8. YARN-2942.002.patch
          91 kB
          Robert Kanter
        9. YARN-2942.001.patch
          89 kB
          Robert Kanter
        10. YARN-2942-preliminary.002.patch
          44 kB
          Robert Kanter
        11. CompactedAggregatedLogsProposal_v2.pdf
          113 kB
          Robert Kanter
        12. YARN-2942-preliminary.001.patch
          13 kB
          Robert Kanter
        13. CompactedAggregatedLogsProposal_v1.pdf
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          Robert Kanter

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