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Modify the LogDeletionService to support Log aggregation for LRS



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      Currently, AggregatedLogDeletionService will delete old logs from HDFS. It will check the cut-off-time, if all logs for this application is older than this cut-off-time. The app-log-dir from HDFS will be deleted. This will not work for LRS. We expect a LRS application can keep running for a long time.
      Two different scenarios:
      1) If we configured the rollingIntervalSeconds, the new log file will be always uploaded to HDFS. The number of log files for this application will become larger and larger. And there is no log files will be deleted.
      2) If we did not configure the rollingIntervalSeconds, the log file can only be uploaded to HDFS after the application is finished. It is very possible that the logs are uploaded after the cut-off-time. It will cause problem because at that time the app-log-dir for this application in HDFS has been deleted.


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