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Clean up Fair Scheduler configuration loading

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      Currently the Fair Scheduler is configured in two ways

      • An allocations file that has a different format than the standard Hadoop configuration file, which makes it easier to specify hierarchical objects like queues and their properties.
      • With properties like yarn.scheduler.fair.max.assign that are specified in the standard Hadoop configuration format.

      The standard and default way of configuring it is to use fair-scheduler.xml as the allocations file and to put the yarn.scheduler properties in yarn-site.xml.

      It is also possible to specify a different file as the allocations file, and to place the yarn.scheduler properties in fair-scheduler.xml, which will be interpreted as in the standard Hadoop configuration format. This flexibility is both confusing and unnecessary.

      Additionally, the allocation file is loaded as fair-scheduler.xml from the classpath if it is not specified, but is loaded as a File if it is. This causes two problems
      1. We see different behavior when not setting the yarn.scheduler.fair.allocation.file, and setting it to fair-scheduler.xml, which is its default.
      2. Classloaders may choose to cache resources, which can break the reload logic when yarn.scheduler.fair.allocation.file is not specified.

      We should never allow the yarn.scheduler properties to go into fair-scheduler.xml. And we should always load the allocations file as a file, not as a resource on the classpath. To preserve existing behavior and allow loading files from the classpath, we can look for files on the classpath, but strip of their scheme and interpret them as Files.


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