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User environment is unable to prepend PATH when mapreduce.admin.user.env also sets PATH



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    • 3.4.0, 3.3.1, 3.2.3
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      When using the tarball approach to ship relevant Hadoop jars to containers, it is helpful to set mapreduce.admin.user.env to something like PATH=./hadoop-tarball:{{PATH}} to make sure that all of the Hadoop binaries are on the PATH. This way you can call hadoop instead of ./hadoop-tarball/hadoop. The intention here is to force prepend ./hadoop-tarball and then append the set PATH afterwards. But if a user would like to override the appended portion of PATH in their environment, they are unable to do so. This is because PATH ends up getting parsed twice. Initially it is set via mapreduce.admin.user.env to PATH=./hadoop-tarball:$SYS_PATH}. In this case SYS_PATH is what I'll refer to as the normal system path. E.g. /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin, etc.

      After this, the user env parsing happens. For example, let's say the user sets their PATH to PATH=.:$PATH. We have already parsed PATH from the admin.user.env. Then we go to parse the user environment and find the user also specified PATH. So $PATH ends up getting getting expanded to ./hadoop-tarball:$SYS_PATH, which leads to the user's PATH being PATH=.:./hadoop-tarball:$SYS_PATH. We then append this to PATH, which has already been set in the environment map via the admin.user.env. So we finally end up with PATH=./hadoop-tarball:$SYS_PATH:.:./hadoop-tarball:$SYS_PATH.

      This normally isn't a huge deal, but if you want to ship a version of python/perl/etc. that clashes with the one that is already there in SYS_PATH, you will need to refer to it by its full path. Since in the above example, . doesn't appear until after $SYS_PATH. This is a pain and it should be possible to prepend its PATH to override the system/container SYS_PATH, even when also forcefully prepending to PATH with you hadoop tarball.


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