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Generated XSD invalid



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    • Version 2.6, Version 5.0.3
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    • JDK 16


      Generating XSD files for the attached file results in several errors.

      Options set: Design = Russian Doll, Use Enumerations: never

      1) When generating SchemaDocument[] with inst2xsd, and validating afterwards, Validation fails

      2) Element context has sub element scenario (on 2nd occurrence of the context element). The corresponding XSD does not state that there might be an element named scenario. When adding the scenario element also to first occurrence, the result is as expected. Seems like only the first element is considered for xsd generation.

      3) For element eba_met:ei470 (also others affected), the generated XSD states that there might be elements named entity, period and scenario below. In the XML file used to generate, there is nothing below the only occurrence: <eba_met:ei470 id="C_113.00_I5" contextRef="context56">eba_ZZ:x409</eba_met:ei470>. I did not expect a sequence of elements below the complex type.


      As the affected elements of 3) are on same level as the context element (which in fact has the elements listed in error for 3)) it seems that the contents of sibling elements get mixed up here.



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