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Add support for external continuous integration services



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      The project does not currently have any continuous integration in place. I've spent the last few days getting a working solution to consider. The attached patch files add support for two commonly used services, Travis (Unix) and AppVeyor (Windows).

      See this GitHub branch. The last commit has a green tick mark, which is the CI status. This links through to the build results:

      How to use this? Go to the Travis or AppVeyor websites and log in with GitHub/BitBucket/GitLab credentials, or use you own public git repo. Enable the service for your xerces-c git repo. Now any branch you push to your git repo will be automatically built in several configuration combinations for Linux (Autotools, CMake), MacOS X (Autotools, CMake) and Windows (CMake with Cygwin, MingGW64 and MSVC 2015). The exact combinations tested are viewable with the above build links, or in the attached patch files. The set of test combinations can be adjusted as desired. The initial set of combinations exercise all configurable options, debug and release builds.

      This could additionally be enabled for the Apache GitHub mirror or the Apache git repo itself, which would trigger builds for all subversion commits to do post-commit testing.

      Would there be any objection to committing these changes?




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