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Switch to wsse:KeyIdentifier instead of wsse:Reference for SAML references within SOAP:body EncryptedData elements.



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      Per CXF bug CXF-2894: http://tinyurl.com/23jx6cx

      Within the soap:body/EncryptedData/SecurityTokenReference element, Glassfish Metro is requiring wsse:KeyIdentifiers instead of wsse:Reference elements when referring to SAML Assertions. Metro appears correct because the SAML Token Profile does not define usage of wsse:Reference for SAML Assertions, only KeyIdentifier or EmbeddedReference. (Section 3.3 of SAML Token Profile of 1 Dec. 2004 pdf lines 250-272.)

      The attached patch will switch SecurityTokenReference from wsse:Reference to wsse:KeyIdentifier when handling SAML Assertions. I've confirmed Metro web service providers will now work with this patch. However, backwards compatibility issues with systems expecting the current wsse:Reference may need to be taken into account.

      WSS4J has another problem with not being able to decrypt SOAP responses that use wsse:KeyIdentifier instead of wsse:Reference for SAML Assertions. Namely, org.apache.ws.security.processor.ReferenceListProcessor's getKeyFromSecurityTokenReference() method will need changing to be able to work with SAML Assertions coming from a wsse:KeyIdentifier element instead of wsse:Reference. I was not immediately successful in getting this second part to work because I could not see how a SAMLTokenProcessor can be initialized from a KeyIdentifier instead of the Reference element within this method.


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