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schemaLocation URI not resolved correctly using jar files

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      As per the woden-dev thread at [1], when the WSDL and XSD files are packaged inside a jar file, a relative path URI on the schemaLocation attribute of a schema import is not resolved correctly against the base jar URI of the containing WSDL file.

      For example, if the WSDL base URI is "jar:file:///C:/temp/test.jar!/META-INF/foo.wsdl" and this WSDL has an inlined schema containing a schema import with schemaLocation="bar.xsd" and this XSD file is also packaged in the META-INF directory of the jar file, the resolved XSD URI should be "jar:file:///C:/temp/test.jar!/META-INF/bar.xsd".

      Currently, this will only work if a catalog is configured which maps the schemaLocation URI to the jar file URI (see the email thread for more info). Then, Woden's SimpleURIResolver will resolve the XSD path correctly. But this is not convenient for applications that don't have direct access to Woden (e.g. Axis2 user apps).

      The problem is that Woden's SchemaResolverAdapter class, which gets registered with WS-Commons XmlSchema, uses the resolve(URI) method of java.net.URI to resolve the the baseURI and schemaLocation URI - as in, baseURI.resolve(schemaLocation). However, this method does not work if baseURI is opaque - instead, it just returns the schemaLocation which in turn gets resolved against the current directory. A jar file URI ("jar:file:/...") is an opaque URI (see URI javadoc).

      [1] http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/ws-woden-dev/200712.mbox/%3cb72c94b30712261948x5b276fe3t103eff70163f1468@mail.gmail.com%3e


        1. SchemaResolverAdapter.patch
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          John Alan William Kaputin

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