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      In org.apache.wicket.markup.html.form.Form#findSubmittingButton Wicket tries to identify the submitting component by searching IRequestParameters of the Request for a GET parameter with a name matching the button's input name.

      This fails with a POST form submission from a page that has a GET request parameter with the name matching the name of one of multiple submit components that is NOT the submitting component. In that case, the method finds the parameter of the fake submitting component in the GET parameter list and tries to execute the onSubmit() method of the fake submitting component.

      We can show this with a test case by making the fake submitting component invisible which causes an Exception.

      The root cause is that Wicket does not model the HTTP protocol correctly because it does not distinguish between POST request headers and GET request URL parameters when it searches for the submitting component.

      This has already been highlighted in a different case in 2011 at "Confusion with Get Parameter Name same as Form Field Name" https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/WICKET-4036.

      This new case is not an esoteric case because a page might have an "edit" function with an "edit" button that needs to be set invisible by setting a URL parameter ?edit=false. The page then makes the "edit" button invisible, and on form submission, the page crashes because it incorrectly assumes that the "edit" button was the submitting component which it cannot find because it is invisible.

      To me it appears that Wicket is quite a neat framework because it aims to model real things and processes found in web applications in Java, so I think modeling HTTP request headers and query parameters correctly would be of high value.


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