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Bad validation messages after WICKET-2128


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    • Affects Version/s: 6.3.0
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      In most languages (at least the ones that I speak), the error messages used by validators don't sound right anymore after WICKET-2128 was fixed. Replacing '$

      {input}' with '${label}' (what seems to have been done) doesn't yield useful error messages.

      I see the following options:
      a) Improve the messages the way Martin Grigorov suggested it in WICKET-2128, e.g.
      'IConverter=The value of '${label}' is not a valid ${type}.'
      (instead of just 'IConverter='${label}' is not a valid ${type}.')
      Interestingly, all the languages that use .xml properties (e.g. Application_bg.properties.xml) files seem to have been excluded (by accident?) from the changes done in WICKET-2128, as they still refer to ${input}


      b) revert the changes from WICKET-2128 completely. I think the new messages only fit well in scenarios where there's only a single feedback panel per page, which is anyway not very userfriendly. In cases when you display the error messages in separate feedback components next to the corresponding FormComponents, it is anyway clear which field is the culprit, and users don't need to search for the field that has caused the error.

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        Oddgeir Bell


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