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UploadProgressBar does not show up if the form submitted by AjaxButton or AjaxLink



      If I submit the form normal submit button then the progressbar shows up. If I do it with any ajax component (AjaxLink, AjaxButton ...) then it does not show.
      I set up setOutputMarkupPlaceholderTag(true) for progressbar itself and it's parent component (the form) but it has not helped.

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        Sven Meier
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        Sandor Feher

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          János Cserép made changes -
          Comment [ I've spent a few days reproducing the same issue when the progress bar was not working for me with 6.16.0. Turns out UploadProgressBar is not compatible with Servlet 3.0, which I was using with Jetty8. If you change web.xml in the uploaded test.zip from servlet 2.5 to 3.0 the issue can be easily reproduced. MultipartServletWebRequestImpl only gets the stream of the uploaded file after the upload has finished in the browser, so the javascript always misses the UploadInfo and hides the progress bar. ]
          Martin Grigorov made changes -
          Link This issue is duplicated by WICKET-4868 [ WICKET-4868 ]
          Sven Meier made changes -
          Status Open [ 1 ] Resolved [ 5 ]
          Assignee Sven Meier [ svenmeier ]
          Fix Version/s 6.3.0 [ 12323327 ]
          Fix Version/s 1.5.9 [ 12322962 ]
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