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Git repository cleanup for missing tags and redundent branches



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      Today I wanted to do a comparison between the 1.4.20 and 1.4.19 release and found that most of the 1.4.x release tags are missing.

      Specifically there are branches for all of the releases but the 1.4.1 through 1.4.19 releases are not tagged.

      There may be some others that have branches but no tag. I think the current released branches (possibly an artifact from the subversion conversion) should be replaced with signed tags and the branches deleted.

      The second part is that the naming of recent releases is different from before.

      These are the tag names for the 3 most recent releases:


      previous releases just have wicket-1.x.y like wicket-1.5.3

      I think it would be better if the release tag format is consistent. So either retag these 3 releases with the old format or retag the old style tags with the new style tag. There are ways to force the tag date to align with the original commit date (this is described in the git help tag man page).

      I did a bit of testing on this and I think a command like this can be used to create the new tags:
      git branch -r | grep origin | grep wicket-1.[345].[0-9]*$ | grep -v .x | while read BRANCH; do TAG=`basename $BRANCH`; git tag -s -m "tag $TAG release" "$TAG" "$BRANCH"; done;

      There should be some way to cache the gpg passphrase but I haven't found it yet. It may be that a custom script is needed or some patch to the git tag command itself to take in a file containing the pass phrase.




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