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WICKET-2058 does not support IBM Websphere Portal Server 6.1



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    • WebSphere Platform 6.1 [ND cf150808.12]


      First of all I want to say thanks a lot for resolving the issue WICKET-2058 to Ate, Thijs and Antony!
      I checked out the revision 739543 from trunk and experimented/tested a lot with the wicket examples within IBM Websphere Portal 6.1.

      I had to add the following lines into web.xml to get the first example-portlets visible in my browser:


      The next problem I stumbled over was that the generated links (e.g. BookmarkablePageLink<Void>("link", PageXY.class) ) did not work at all.
      I traced the problem down to the point that the generated wicketURL in PortletRequestContext.encodeRenderURL includes all query-parameters but the PortletFilter does
      not get them as parameters, just the path-part.


      PortletRequestDispatcher rd = getPortletContext().getRequestDispatcher(wicketURL);

      if (rd != null)
      // delegate to wicket filter - this is where the magic happens
      rd.include(request, response);

      Let's assume wicketURL has the value of "/repeater/?wicket:interface=:8:oir:17:toggleHighlite:2:ILinkListener::", the result would be the same as the value of "/repeater/".
      I was able to fix it by applying the query parameters as "real" parameters to the javax.portlet.PortletURL for Action and Render-URLs (see Patch for PortletRequestContext).

      After that I had the same problem with form-submission. The form-values came in perfectly to the model, but after leaving the ACTION-PHASE the state was all gone in RENDER-PHASE.
      So I did the same in WicketPortlet.processActionResponseState and applied all wicketURL-query parameteters to the response (setRenderParameter). see Patch for WicketPortlet.

      Another solution could be a PortletRequestWrapper within the WicketFilter implementation. Or does anybody have a better idea?

      It would be really great to see this issue fixed in wicket 1.4!

      I'll keep on testing the next days with the ajax examples (some worked already with the provided patch applied) and WPS 6.1...


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