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      It would be useful to also display the jclouds version on "bin/whirr version".

      Here is the relevant message from Andrew Phillips on jclouds-dev@:

      Issue 802 [1] added a JcloudsVersion class to jclouds/core which can be used to get version information about jclouds at runtime. It's designed to be used as follows:

      A. From outside jclouds:
      Obtain a JcloudsVersion instance using JcloudsVersion.get(). Version information is read from META-INF/ (META-INF/maven/.../ would have been nice but isn't available from an IDE) which is included in the jclouds core JAR.

      If you need to simulate a different JcloudsVersion for testing purposes, you can place an overriding META-INF/ file in the classpath (e.g. src/test/resources) with the desired version.

      B. From inside jclouds:
      Obtain a JcloudsVersion instance using Guice, binding it to JcloudsVersion.get(). When testing code that uses a JcloudsVersion, override this binding with an appropriate instance created with new JcloudsVersion("my-test-version").


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