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Integrating with email



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      I do not know if main feature requests should be posted here, but I do
      think it is important.
      If you want the Wave protocol to slowly replace Email, it needs to be
      backward compatible!

      You should be able to send/receive emails from Google Wave (or any wave
      site). The system would basically send 2 version of the wave. A "wave"
      version, and an "email" version. The same way we do plain text / html
      currently for email. So we would add an email header including a reference
      to the current wave, so if the recipient is using a wave-compatible
      service, it would know to switch to wave. Otherwise, if it does not
      understand the wave header, it would just ignore it and use regular email.
      Something like that.

      Because seriously, I don't wave picking anytime unless you help people move
      gradually away from email.
      Right now I have a lot of friends with wave, but I don't use it because I
      know they check their emails wayy more often than their wave account.
      I do the same. So it all needs to be combined.

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