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calls to local macros not always made when template caching is off

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    • 1.5 beta1
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      In the latest nightly build Oct 28, 2001 and also in velocity 1.2 rc2 i noticed
      the following problem with autoreloading macros.

      Made a simple html page. added a simple one line macro that accepted one param,
      a letter
      something like....

        1. local macro, not global
          #macro(letter $char)
          This is the letter $char


      etc.... to Z

      The html page would be loaded in response to a form being submitted. If I
      clicked on the submit button five times, quickly ( five separate submits), most
      times the final response would out put something like...

      This is the letter A
      This is the letter B
      This is the letter C
      This is the letter D
      This is the letter E
      #letter #letter #letter
      #letter ......
      This is the letter Z

      As you can see, some macro calls did not get parsed.

      We were just happening to use velocity through turbine, but I don't think that
      affects the bug. Besides, the bug went away when the autoreload was false.

      Once scarab's runbox is back up, might be interesting to test this out on their
      macros too for comparison, although I don't see that they have any local macros.


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