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      This patch adds a new task "parser" to build.xml. This task runs jjtree and
      javacc on the source file Parser.jjt. It's an independent task, nothing else
      is dependent on it. (such as compile). The purpose is to speed up
      integrating changes to the parse syntax into the source tree. (replacing the
      odd and non-platform independent "build" script at

      Including this patch as an optional task would make things more efficient for
      those of us playing with the syntax, but keep compilation simple in general.

      You could argue that this task should be integrated into the general build
      process (e.g. remove, etc. out of the source tree), but I think
      this wouldn't be wise. The main reason is that it makes it too hard for
      novice developers to compile Velocity. (They'd have to learn javacc in
      addition to ant). It'd be good to keep the barriers to entry for developers

      Finally, note that ant 1.5 is not compatible with javacc 3.x. To use this
      task with javacc3.1, you must upgrade to the 1.6 version of ant (currently
      only available as a nightly build). I've found it useful, but some may feel
      this is enough of a reason to keep this patch out of CVS. (I'd appreciate

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