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Avoid deploy broken checksum files for p2content.xml and artifacts.xml in feature modules




      There is a problem in the interplay between building Eclipse Feature modules
      using Tycho and the maven-checksum-plugin.

      Tycho attaches e.g. a file called `p2content.xml` to the build, and the
      maven-checksum-plugin generates a checksum file then which contains this
      filename, but the file ends up in the Maven repository as e.g.


      It checksum file still contains a valid checksum and the checksum checking rules
      configured on the ASF Maven Repository even accept it. But during release
      valiation, it is annoying because the checksum file cannot be checked using
      `sha512 -c <file>.sha512`. So I think it would be better not to deploy such
      a file to the Maven repo.

      The maven-checksum-plugin is by default running in the `verify` phase of the
      build which comes directly before the `install` phase. So we cannot insert
      e.g. an antrun task there which would fix the checksum files unless we'd
      reconfigure the maven-checksum-plugin to run in an earlier phase. Also
      needing an antrun task to fix this is kind of annoying.

      This problem happens in particular with Eclipse Feature modules. I believe
      that it should be ok to not deploy Eclipse Feature modules to Maven repositories
      for the moment.

      Of course if we want to work with "true" Maven P2 update sites which bundle
      nothing and just contain pointers to other Maven artifacts, we would probably
      have to deploy the features as well. But maybe the checksum-maven-plugin
      issue 137 might be fixed by then? The only project currently experimenting
      with a Maven P2 update site is the UIMA Java SDK - so thinking about this
      would only become relevant with its 3.4.0 release - and even then we could
      still postpone the experiment to a later release.

      To work around this:

      • disable deployment of Eclipse features (and Eclipse update sites) to Maven repositories
      • wait for checksum-maven-plugin issues #137 to get resolved (maybe help out there)




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