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Reusing of ICasEditor instances doesn't surrounding update views



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      If the amount of editor in the workbench is restricted to a certain number, eclipse will reuse already existing editors and sets a new input.

      In the case an editor input is change all the ICasEditor sensitive views are still bound to the old editor input.

      The AnnotationEditor can be reused by the eclipse workbench, and also view switches can change the way an input CAS is displayed.
      The AnnotationEditor itself can deal with any type of CAS sofa, if it is a text it is displayed and if not an appropriate message page is displayed. The surrounding views don't have a mechanism to deal with changing editor input or changing CAS views.

      Therefore we should extend the page book style annotation editor views with a mechanism to have an additional layer of pages to cover the following cases:

      a) Show view implementation and cas contents (Maybe destroy it and re-create, reusable view
      pages are error prone to implement)
      b) View cannot be displayed because the document is not available (document failed to load)
      c) View cannot be displayed because the CAS view is incompatible with this view


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