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UIMA AS service uses the same log4j.properties file as the AMQ broker



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      Same log4j.properties file is used by AMQ broker started from startBroker script and by UIMA AS service. The UIMA AS service startup script sets this property


      it is picked up by AMQ and Spring and used for logging. The same log4j.properties file is copied from as_config directory to UIMA_HOME/bin/amq/config when startBroker script is started for the first time. So, the same configuration is used by two different processes. This doesnt seem right. We most likely need different log4j.properties for each process since each of them needs to log at different level. For example, the broker needs to be started with INFO level logging to show status information on broker startup. Logging at INFO level when UIMA AS service starts may lead to excessive messages being logged. An instance of this is when a broker is killed when a service is running. The broker failure forces listeners to reconnect using Spring's blocking call. This call produces log msgs at INFO level at 5 sec intervals.

      The fix would be to use a different property files. UIMA AS should use a basic configuration with a single log of say 100MB size and should log at WARNING level only.




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