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Leaking H2 connections



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    • 7.0.0
    • 7.1.0
    • HTTP/2, Network
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      On Docs, I'm seeing e.g. this:

      [TS_MAIN] 1728 nobody   52u     IPv4         1548184130      0t0        TCP qa1:https->unknown.servercentral.net:60107 (ESTABLISHED)
      [TS_MAIN] 1728 nobody   53u     IPv4         1517137327      0t0        TCP qa1:https->msnbot-157-55-39-245.search.msn.com:18649 (ESTABLISHED)
      [TS_MAIN] 1728 nobody   54u     IPv4         1547299121      0t0        TCP qa1:https->unknown.servercentral.net:54210 (ESTABLISHED)
      [TS_MAIN] 1728 nobody   55u     IPv4         1546653567      0t0        TCP qa1:https->unknown.servercentral.net:38563 (ESTABLISHED)
      [TS_MAIN] 1728 nobody   56u      REG              202,1     2907    1711981 /opt/ats/var/log/trafficserver/error.log
      [TS_MAIN] 1728 nobody   57u     IPv4         1547305120      0t0        TCP qa1:https->unknown.servercentral.net:54558 (ESTABLISHED)
      [TS_MAIN] 1728 nobody   58u     IPv4         1546341443      0t0        TCP qa1:https->unknown.servercentral.net:45169 (ESTABLISHED)
      [TS_MAIN] 1728 nobody   59u     IPv4         1548496071      0t0        TCP qa1:https->unknown.servercentral.net:45723 (ESTABLISHED)
      [TS_MAIN] 1728 nobody   60u     IPv4         1585632811      0t0        TCP qa1:https-> (ESTABLISHED)
      [TS_MAIN] 1728 nobody   61u     IPv4         1565899597      0t0        TCP qa1:https->unknown.servercentral.net:56875 (ESTABLISHED)
      [TS_MAIN] 1728 nobody   62u     IPv4         1566772178      0t0        TCP qa1:https->unknown.servercentral.net:52435 (ESTABLISHED)
      [TS_MAIN] 1728 nobody   63u     IPv4         1567423730      0t0        TCP qa1:https->unknown.servercentral.net:44075 (ESTABLISHED)
      [TS_MAIN] 1728 nobody   64u     IPv4         1585491833      0t0        TCP qa1:https->c-73-181-14-238.hsd1.co.comcast.net:62420 (ESTABLISHED)
      [TS_MAIN] 1728 nobody   65u     IPv4         1566460810      0t0        TCP qa1:https->unknown.servercentral.net:39178 (ESTABLISHED)
      [TS_MAIN] 1728 nobody   66u     IPv4         1585625076      0t0        TCP qa1:https-> (ESTABLISHED)
      [TS_MAIN] 1728 nobody   68u     IPv4         1585680362      0t0        TCP qa1:52297-> (ESTABLISHED)
      [TS_MAIN] 1728 nobody   73u     IPv4         1585595085      0t0        TCP qa1:https-> (ESTABLISHED)

      These do generally not seem to clear. At the same time as this was captured, I checked the metrics for client connections, and there were none reported by ATS. This might be related to TS-4833, and perhaps TS-4892.


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