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Documentation for variable hardware sector size support


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.1.6
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      Adds support for auto-detecting drives which have 4096 (well, between 512-8192) sector size
      and using that as the element of atomicity in the cache.

      Add (optional/hidden) config:

      CONFIG proxy.config.cache.force_sector_size INT

      to force a sector size (e.g. 4096) for ALL disks.

      SSDs and "advanced format" drives lie about their sector size and
      claim 512. The handling of this is still in flux in linuxland hence the option
      to force a particular sector size. Note: it is safe to force a higher size
      than the hardware supports natively as we still only count on atomicity
      in 512 byte increments.

      4096 sector size drives formatted for windows will have partitions aligned on 63 512
      byte sector boundaries which will mean they will be unaligned.. There are workarounds, but
      you need to do some research on your particular drive. For example, some drives have a one
      time option to switch the partition boundary, others might require reformatting or repartitioning.

      To be safe in Linux you could just use the entire
      drive: /dev/sdb instead of /dev/sdb1 and TS will do the right thing.

      This feature should work fine when we get out of the difficult transition stage,
      in the mean time caveat emptor.

      Partitions formatted to support hardware sector
      size of more than 512 (e.g. 4096) will result in all objects stored
      in the cache to be integral multiples of 4096 bytes which will result in
      some waste for small files.




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