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Use eventfd instead of pthread signal/wait in ATS



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    • Fix Version/s: 4.2.0
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      pthread_cond_signal/wait is used in several places in ATS, including but not limited:
      1) Logging system.
      2) ProtectedQueue in event system.
      3) RecProcess in stats system.

      As we known, pthread_cond_signal() needs to take a lock. As such it'll cause more context switches than eventfd.

      I wrote a simple benchmark program to compare the speed of eventfd and pthread_cond notify mechanism.

      You can get the benchmark program from the attachment: https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/attachment/12598570/eventfd_vs_pthread_cond_benchmark.tar.gz, and test it by yourself if interested.

      What the program does is:
      1) Create 10 producer threads and 1 consumer thread.
      2) Producer threads will notify consumer concurrently in a loop.
      3) The consumer thread will receive notification up to a given loop time.

      Here is my testing result, the command line argument is loop time(1000000) of consumer:

      [eventfd_vs_pthread_cond_benchmark]$ ls
      main.cc  Makefile
      [eventfd_vs_pthread_cond_benchmark]$ make
      g++ -g -o eventfd_test main.cc -DHAVE_EVENTFD -lpthread
      g++ -g -o pthread_cond_test main.cc -lpthread
      [eventfd_vs_pthread_cond_benchmark]$ ls
      eventfd_test  main.cc  Makefile  pthread_cond_test
      [eventfd_vs_pthread_cond_benchmark]$ time ./eventfd_test 1000000
      real    0m11.644s
      user    0m1.517s
      sys     1m31.179s
      [eventfd_vs_pthread_cond_benchmark]$ time ./pthread_cond_test 1000000
      real    0m57.438s
      user    0m30.152s
      sys     6m7.289s

      We can see that eventfd is about 5 times faster than pthread_cond notify mechanism.




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