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VMap functionality is missing a the vmap_config tool for bringing ip addresses up and down; but appears to be largely dead code



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      Virtual IPs were once managed such that within a cluster they
      would automatically rebalance themselves between nodes by bringing
      subinterfaces up and down. After ATS was open sourced the original
      setuid tool, vip_config (or traffic_vip_config) was inadvertently
      removed; but the code which depended on this tool was not cleaned

      Since modern deployments either do not use this tool at all
      (because it was broken for a few years) and modern deployments also
      have some central system for managing cluster state reliably, we
      do not need VMap to implement some scheme for automatically
      rebalancing the ips.

      This patch keeps much of the code for detecting ip address conflicts
      and for receiving the multicast messages from the cluster; but we
      remove all instances where we either bring up/down an interface.

      Deployments should manage this through external state systems.

      Note: VIPs do not actually bind to the specific addresses in
      vaddrs; this is just an operations convience to ensure that a
      cluster has no ip conflicts or unmanaged vips. This feature becomes
      even less useful. LocalManager.cc would have to be modified in some
      way to set this up properly.

      Note: The right thing to do here may be to recall that old tool and let
      VMap do it's thing.

      Note: Another right thing to do may be to remove VMap entirely, along
      with the associated cluster messages. At least with this exiting changeset
      we can detect ip address conflicts.


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