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Instance will be down when the zookeeper on name node has been down



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      Description: Instance will be down when the zookeeper on name node has been down
      Test Steps:
      Step 1. Start OE and 4 long queries with trafci on the first node esggy-clu-n010
      Step 2. Wait several minutes and stop zookeeper on name node of node esggy-clu-n010 in Cloudera Manager page.
      Step 3. With trafci, run a basic query and 4 long queries again.

      In the above Step 3, we will see the whole instance as down after a while. For this test scenario, I tried it several times, always found instance as down.

      Test Start Time: 20170616132939
      Test End Time: 20170616134350
      Stop zookeeper on name node of node esggy-clu-n010: 20170616133344

      Check logs:
      1) Each node displays the following error:
      2017-06-16 13:33:46,276, ERROR, MON, Node Number: 0,, PIN: 5017 , Process Name: $MONITOR,,, TID: 5429, Message ID: 101371801, [CZClient::IsZNodeExpired], zoo_exists() for /trafodion/instance/cluster/esggy-clu-n010.esgyn.cn failed with error ZCONNECTIONLOSS
      2) Zookeeper displays:
      ls /trafodion/instance/cluster
      So, It seems zclient has been lost on each node.

      Location of logs:
      esggy-clu-n010: /data4/jarek/ha.interactive/trafodion_and_cluster_logs/cluster_logs.20170616134816.tar.gz and trafodion_logs.20170616134816.tar.gz
      By the way, because the size of the logs is out of the limited value, so i cannot upload it as the attachment in this JIRA ID.

      How many zookeeper quorum servers in the cluster? total 3.

      How to access the cluster?
      1. Login from US machine: trafodion/traf123
      2. Login from trafodion/traf123


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