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TRAFCI gui installer does not work



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      There are several issues with trafci

      1. GUI installer on Windows does not work. Bascially the browse button to upload the T4 jar file and to specify the location of trafci install dir does not function. hence installation does not proceed

      2. After a successful install of trafci on Windows or *nix we notice that lib file contains jdbcT4 and jline jar files.. There is no need to pre-package these files with the product

      3. Running any sql statements from TRAF_HOME folder returns the following error
      SQL>get tables;

          • ERROR[1394] *** ERROR[16001] No message found for SQLCODE -1394. MXID11000029297212351890017731933000000000906U3333300_877_SQL_CUR_2 [2017-01-25 20:44:03]

      But executing the same statement when you are in $TRAF_HOME/sql/scripts folder works.

      4. Executing the wrapper script 'trafci' returns and message as below and proceeds with successful connection. You don't see this messagewhen executing trafci.sh
      <your workspace>/core/sqf/sql/local_hadoop/dcs-2.1.0/bin/dcs-config.sh: line 90: .: sqenv.sh: file not found

      5. Executing sql statements in multiples lines causes additional SQL prompt to be displayed

      Connected to Apache Trafodion

      SQL>get tables

      6. on successful connect and disconnect when new mxosrvrs are picked up the default schema is changed from 'SEABASE' to 'USR' (This might be a server side issue too but will need to debug and find out)

      7. FC command does not work. Look at trafci manual for examples on how FC command was displayed back, It was shown back with the SQL prompt
      show remoteprocess;
      SQL> i
      show re moteprocess;

      8. Did the error message format change? This should have been syntax error


          • ERROR[15001] *** ERROR[16001] No message found for SQLCODE -15001.
            ^ (4 characters from start of SQL statement) MXID11000008622212352138256875503000000000206U3333300_493_SQL_CUR_4 [2017-01-25 21:14:18]




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