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Inconsistence between tomee flavors comparison in website and actual jars




      Website lets us believe that Plus flavor includes Plume flavor. which was the opposite for previous versions, and, Plume does includes eclipselink and mojarra, when Plus does not (and never did). now Plus includes batchee which Plume does not.

      These piece of information could be better transmitted to the website visitors.

      I had trouble figuring out why my java webapp was starting on Plume but not Plus. (because eclipselink is not in Plus)

      Questions : Is it intended to have Plus not containing Eclipselink while Plume not containing batchee ?

      if yes : update website

      if not : update poms 

      1) Current web site content (partial)


      2) Actual jars diff between flavors

      3) Suggested website with 3 tables (listening to your comments)

      part (a) synthetic table

      part (b) functionalities

      part (c) implementations

      5) capture of other attempt

      6) older attempt

      6) capture of much older version



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