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      We should be clear about the quality of our releases. The following is copied from an email Nathan sent to the dev list:

      A test build is a build that hopes to be released, but typically is
      not. This is what we vote on whether to release with either Alpha,
      Beta, or GA label or to keep as a mere test build and not release to
      the public. This should not be mirrored and not announced beyond the
      dev@ list, as it has not yet received PMC approval for release.

      An Alpha is a test build that we deem worthy of releasing with alpha
      label. For me, this merely means that it meets the standards for an
      ASF release, in terms of PMC approval, license stuff all properly in
      place, and includes both binary build and sources in the distribution.
      This can be announced to the user list and listed on the website, but
      the alpha label should be clear and a brief explanation/disclaimer
      isn't a bad idea.

      A Beta is a test build we deem worthy of releasing with the beta
      label. For me, this means that it meets the standards for an ASF
      release (same as above), but also is more stable and complete
      code-wise than an Alpha. Changes can be expected, but API changes
      should be minimal, usually just minor additions and bugfixes. This
      should definitely be announced to the user list and put on the
      website. Depending on the release manager's confidence in the quality
      and stability of this, they may even want to announce it more broadly.




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