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enableInputFilter() wrecks charset detection for some short html documents



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      When I try to run the CharsetDetector on http://w3c.github.io/microdata-rdf/tests/0065.html I get the very strange most confident result of "IBM500" with a confidence of 60 when I enable the input filter, even if I set the declared encoding to UTF-8.

      This can be replicated with the following code:

      CharsetDetector detect = new CharsetDetector();
      detect.setText(("<!DOCTYPE html>\n" +
              "<div>\n" +
              "  <div itemscope itemtype=\"http://schema.org/Person\" id=\"amanda\" itemref=\"a b\"></div>\n" +
              "  <p id=\"a\">Name: <span itemprop=\"name\">Amanda</span></p>\n" +
              "  <p id=\"b\" itemprop=\"band\">Jazz Band</p>\n" +

      which prints:

      Match of IBM500 in fr with confidence 60
      Match of UTF-8 with confidence 57
      Match of ISO-8859-9 in tr with confidence 50
      Match of ISO-8859-1 in en with confidence 50
      Match of ISO-8859-2 in cs with confidence 12
      Match of Big5 in zh with confidence 10
      Match of EUC-KR in ko with confidence 10
      Match of EUC-JP in ja with confidence 10
      Match of GB18030 in zh with confidence 10
      Match of Shift_JIS in ja with confidence 10
      Match of UTF-16LE with confidence 10
      Match of UTF-16BE with confidence 10

      Note that if I do not set the declared encoding to UTF-8, the result is even worse, with UTF-8 falling from a confidence of 57 to 15.

      This is screwing up 1 out of 84 of my online microdata extraction tests over in Any23 (as that particular page is being rendered into complete gibberish), so I had to implement some hacky workarounds which I'd like to remove if possible.

      EDIT: This issue may be related to TIKA-2737 and this comment.


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