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Possibility to add custom-mimetypes.xml (and/or also other configuration files) from location outside classpath



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      I would like to be able to pass to tika the custom-mimetypes.xml from outside classpath, because it is more flexible.

      Our application is based on eclipse/osgi and it's composed of multiple plugins/bundles.
      One of these plugins contains also the tika library (almost all settings are default)
      We usually provide some configuration, from outside to these plugins.
      And we would like to do the same with tika, because we recently encountered: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/TIKA-2443 and had to provide a custom type to workaround a mismatched detection.
      There might be other potential mismatches and it would be good to give this possibility to pass configuration to tika from outside our application. Only that for the osgi setup, on classpath means inside the folder plugin.
      and from our point of view, that is not a good place, because these plugins get replaced at every release, so this patching would have to be maintained all the time.
      This is the reason why it would be good, if tika itself had this possibility. Thank you.


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