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Java: Allow multiplexing multiple services over a single TCP connection



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      The current TServer implementations expose a single service on a port. If an application has many services many ports have to be opened. This is cumbersome because:

      • you have to document which service is available on which port, and remembering the port numbers is difficult
      • to prevent the overhead of connection setup on each call, a client has to maintain to many connections: at least one to each port
      • it requires opening many ports on a firewall if one is between the client and the server.

      By multiplexing multiple services on a single port the problems above are resolved:

      • instead of a port number a symbolic name can be assigned to a service
      • a client can maintain a small pool of connections to a single port
      • only one port has to be opened on the firewall

      The attached Java implementation simply wraps a normal CALL message with a (new) SERVICE_SELECTION message. It is not necessary to modify or wrap the response. No changes are needed to the generated classes. Only a new type of server is introduced, and an invocation handler for a dynamic proxy around the Client classes of services is provided for the client side. The implementation does not handle communication errors (invalid data, timeouts, etc.) yet.


        1. CalculatorImpl.java
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          Johan Stuyts
        2. MultiplexTestClientMain.java
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          Johan Stuyts
        3. MultiplexTestServerMain.java
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          Johan Stuyts
        4. ReleaseWaitingReplyThreadsOnDisconnect.patch
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          James E. King III
        5. SharedImpl.java
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          Johan Stuyts
        6. ThriftCSharpEndpointsChannels.zip
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        7. Thrift Endpoints and Channels.vsd
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        8. ThriftMultiplexInvocationHandler.java
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          Johan Stuyts
        9. TMultiplexServer.java
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        10. TMultiplexServer.py
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        11. TSimpleMultiplexServer.java
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          Johan Stuyts

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