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Optional rethrow of unhandled exceptions in java processor




      Current behavior for Java processor is to do a minor logging of any unhandled exceptions and return to the client that an exception has happened.

      I would like to make it possible to rethrow the uncaught exceptions since we need that functionality in order to make 0.11.0+ version be compatible with our current code.

      The functionality we want is similar to the functionality of the commit 5038466e5e57b17b881684bae0e541408aafac0e, but that functionality was overwritten with the commit 026c9d032c4a298ecb9edbcdfb52590facb442f3 and left some code unused. We want to more or less reuse and adapt that unused code in order to make it possible for the user to choose whether uncaught exceptions should be re-thrown.

      More specifically:

      The command here, implemented with 5038..., made it possible for the user to specify whether a RuntimeException should be handled and returned to the client.

      $ thrift --gen java:handle_runtime_exceptions someThriftFile.thrift

      That flag is now of no use, because of the changes made in 026c9...

      We want to be able to do

      $ thrift --gen java:rethrowUncaughtExceptions someThriftFile.thrift

      Thus, making the java processor rethrow the exception and propagating it upwards.



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