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C++ codegen invalid for optional self-membership



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    • Thrift 0.10.0 tested, but I don't see a change in 0.11.0. Fedora 25. gcc 6.4.1. x86_64.


      Support was added for self-referential objects in in https://github.com/apache/thrift/pull/84 "Tree/Recursive struct support in thrift".

      The tests cover objects that are co-recursive, objects that have lists of themselves, etc. But there's no test for optional self-containment e.g.

      struct RecSelf {
         1: i16 item
         2: optional RecSelf 

      This works fine for languages like Java and Go. But in C++ it generates nonsensical code that cannot compile because it contains a by-value member of its self and a separate isset member.

      For example, from opentracing jaeger's IDL:

      struct Downstream {
          1: required string serviceName
          2: required string serverRole
          3: required string host
          4: required string port
          5: required Transport transport
          6: optional Downstream downstream

      code-generation produces

      class Downstream {
        /* blah elided blah */
        virtual ~Downstream() throw();
        std::string serviceName;
        std::string serverRole;
        std::string host;
        std::string port;
        Transport::type transport;
        Downstream downstream;
        _Downstream__isset __isset;
        /* blah elided blah */

      Compilation fails with

      tracetest_types.h:64:14: error: field ‘downstream’ has incomplete type ‘jaegertracing::crossdock::thrift::Downstream’
         Downstream downstream;
      tracetest_types.h:47:7: note: definition of ‘class jaegertracing::crossdock::thrift::Downstream’ is not complete until the closing brace
       class Downstream {

      I'd argue that the __isset model is not ideal, and a std::expected-like "optional" or "maybe" construct would be a lot better. But presumably there are historical reasons for that.

      The simplest correct solution would be to generate

      class Downstream {
        /* ... */
        std::shared_ptr<Downstream> downstream;
        /* ... */





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