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      The following tests failed:

      *** Following 156 failures were unexpected ***:
      If it is introduced by you, please fix it before submitting the code.
      server-client:          protocol:         transport:               result:
      c_glib-php              compact           buffered-ip              failure(255)
      c_glib-php              compact           framed-ip                failure(255)
      c_glib-php              binary-accel      buffered-ip              failure(255)
      c_glib-php              binary-accel      framed-ip                failure(255)
      c_glib-php              binary            buffered-ip              failure(255)
      c_glib-php              binary            framed-ip                failure(255)
      c_glib-lua              compact           buffered-ip              failure(64)
      c_glib-lua              compact           framed-ip                failure(64)
      c_glib-lua              binary            framed-ip                failure(64)
      c_glib-lua              binary            buffered-ip              failure(64)
      go-php                  compact           buffered-ip              failure(255)
      go-php                  compact           framed-ip                failure(255)
      go-php                  binary-accel      buffered-ip              failure(255)
      go-php                  binary-accel      framed-ip                failure(255)
      go-php                  binary            buffered-ip              failure(255)
      go-php                  binary            framed-ip                failure(255)
      go-lua                  compact           http-ip                  failure(64)
      go-lua                  compact           buffered-ip              failure(64)
      go-lua                  compact           framed-ip                failure(64)
      go-lua                  binary            http-ip                  failure(64)
      go-lua                  binary            buffered-ip              failure(64)
      go-lua                  binary            framed-ip                failure(64)
      go-lua                  json              http-ip                  failure(64)
      go-lua                  json              buffered-ip              failure(64)
      go-lua                  json              framed-ip                failure(64)
      java-php                multi-accel       buffered-ip              failure(255)
      java-php                multi-accel       framed-ip                failure(255)
      java-php                multi-accel       fastframed-framed-ip     failure(255)
      java-php                multi-binary      framed-ip                failure(255)
      java-php                multi-binary      buffered-ip              failure(255)
      java-php                multi-binary      fastframed-framed-ip     failure(255)
      java-php                compact           framed-ip                failure(255)
      java-php                compact           buffered-ip              failure(255)
      java-php                multic-compact    framed-ip                failure(255)
      java-php                compact           fastframed-framed-ip     failure(255)
      java-php                multic-compact    buffered-ip              failure(255)
      java-php                multic-compact    fastframed-framed-ip     failure(255)
      java-php                binary-accel      framed-ip                failure(255)
      java-php                binary-accel      buffered-ip              failure(255)
      java-php                binary            buffered-ip              failure(255)
      java-php                binary            framed-ip                failure(255)
      java-php                binary-accel      fastframed-framed-ip     failure(255)
      java-php                binary            fastframed-framed-ip     failure(255)
      java-lua                multi-binary      framed-ip                failure(64)
      java-lua                multi-binary      buffered-ip              failure(64)
      java-lua                multi-binary      fastframed-framed-ip     failure(64)
      java-lua                compact           framed-ip                failure(64)
      java-lua                compact           buffered-ip              failure(64)
      java-lua                compact           fastframed-framed-ip     failure(64)
      java-lua                multij-json       buffered-ip              failure(64)
      java-lua                multij-json       framed-ip                failure(64)
      java-lua                multij-json       fastframed-framed-ip     failure(64)
      java-lua                json              framed-ip                failure(64)
      java-lua                json              buffered-ip              failure(64)
      java-lua                json              fastframed-framed-ip     failure(64)
      java-lua                multic-compact    buffered-ip              failure(64)
      java-lua                multic-compact    framed-ip                failure(64)
      java-lua                multic-compact    fastframed-framed-ip     failure(64)
      java-lua                binary            framed-ip                failure(64)
      java-lua                binary            fastframed-framed-ip     failure(64)
      java-lua                binary            buffered-ip              failure(64)
      nodejs-php              compact           framed-ip                failure(255)
      nodejs-php              binary-accel      buffered-ip              failure(255)
      nodejs-php              compact           buffered-ip              failure(255)
      nodejs-php              binary            buffered-ip              failure(255)
      nodejs-php              binary            framed-ip                failure(255)
      nodejs-php              binary-accel      framed-ip                failure(255)
      nodejs-lua              compact           buffered-ip              failure(64)
      nodejs-lua              compact           framed-ip                failure(64)
      nodejs-lua              binary            buffered-ip              failure(64)
      nodejs-lua              binary            framed-ip                failure(64)
      nodejs-lua              json              buffered-ip              failure(64)
      nodejs-lua              json              framed-ip                failure(64)
      hs-php                  compact           buffered-ip              failure(255)
      hs-php                  compact           framed-ip                failure(255)
      hs-php                  binary-accel      buffered-ip              failure(255)
      hs-php                  binary-accel      framed-ip                failure(255)
      hs-php                  binary            buffered-ip              failure(255)
      hs-php                  binary            framed-ip                failure(255)
      hs-lua                  compact           buffered-ip              failure(64)
      hs-lua                  compact           framed-ip                failure(64)
      hs-lua                  binary            buffered-ip              failure(64)
      hs-lua                  binary            framed-ip                failure(64)
      hs-lua                  json              buffered-ip              failure(64)
      hs-lua                  json              framed-ip                failure(64)
      cpp-php                 binary-accel      framed-ip                failure(255)
      cpp-php                 compact           buffered-ip              failure(255)
      cpp-php                 binary            buffered-ip              failure(255)
      cpp-php                 compact           framed-ip                failure(255)
      cpp-php                 binary            framed-ip                failure(255)
      cpp-php                 binary-accel      buffered-ip              failure(255)
      cpp-lua                 compact           http-ip                  failure(64)
      cpp-lua                 compact           buffered-ip              failure(64)
      cpp-lua                 compact           framed-ip                failure(64)
      cpp-lua                 binary            http-ip                  failure(64)
      cpp-lua                 binary            framed-ip                failure(64)
      cpp-lua                 binary            buffered-ip              failure(64)
      cpp-lua                 json              http-ip                  failure(64)
      cpp-lua                 json              buffered-ip              failure(64)
      cpp-lua                 json              framed-ip                failure(64)
      rb-php                  accel             framed-ip                failure(255)
      rb-php                  accel             buffered-ip              failure(255)
      rb-php                  accel-binary      buffered-ip              failure(255)
      rb-php                  accel-binary      framed-ip                failure(255)
      rb-php                  compact           framed-ip                failure(255)
      rb-php                  compact           buffered-ip              failure(255)
      rb-php                  binary-accel      framed-ip                failure(255)
      rb-php                  binary-accel      buffered-ip              failure(255)
      rb-php                  binary            buffered-ip              failure(255)
      rb-php                  binary            framed-ip                failure(255)
      rb-lua                  accel-binary      buffered-ip              failure(64)
      rb-lua                  accel-binary      framed-ip                failure(64)
      rb-lua                  compact           buffered-ip              failure(64)
      rb-lua                  binary            buffered-ip              failure(64)
      rb-lua                  compact           framed-ip                failure(64)
      rb-lua                  binary            framed-ip                failure(64)
      rb-lua                  json              buffered-ip              failure(64)
      rb-lua                  json              framed-ip                failure(64)
      csharp-php              compact           buffered-ip              failure(255)
      csharp-php              compact           framed-ip                failure(255)
      csharp-php              binary-accel      framed-ip                failure(255)
      csharp-php              binary-accel      buffered-ip              failure(255)
      csharp-php              binary            framed-ip                failure(255)
      csharp-php              binary            buffered-ip              failure(255)
      csharp-lua              compact           buffered-ip              failure(64)
      csharp-lua              compact           framed-ip                failure(64)
      csharp-lua              binary            buffered-ip              failure(64)
      csharp-lua              binary            framed-ip                failure(64)
      csharp-lua              json              buffered-ip              failure(64)
      csharp-lua              json              framed-ip                failure(64)
      perl-php                binary-accel      buffered-ip              failure(255)
      perl-php                binary-accel      framed-ip                failure(255)
      perl-php                binary            buffered-ip              failure(255)
      perl-php                binary            framed-ip                failure(255)
      perl-lua                binary            buffered-ip              failure(64)
      perl-lua                binary            framed-ip                failure(64)
      erl-php                 compact           buffered-ip              failure(255)
      erl-php                 binary-accel      buffered-ip              failure(255)
      erl-php                 compact           framed-ip                failure(255)
      erl-php                 binary-accel      framed-ip                failure(255)
      erl-php                 binary            buffered-ip              failure(255)
      erl-php                 binary            framed-ip                failure(255)
      erl-lua                 compact           buffered-ip              failure(64)
      erl-lua                 compact           framed-ip                failure(64)
      erl-lua                 binary            buffered-ip              failure(64)
      erl-lua                 binary            framed-ip                failure(64)
      rs-php                  compact           buffered-ip              failure(255)
      rs-php                  compact           framed-ip                failure(255)
      rs-php                  binary-accel      buffered-ip              failure(255)
      rs-php                  binary-accel      framed-ip                failure(255)
      rs-php                  binary            buffered-ip              failure(255)
      rs-php                  binary            framed-ip                failure(255)
      rs-lua                  compact           buffered-ip              failure(64)
      rs-lua                  compact           framed-ip                failure(64)
      rs-lua                  binary            buffered-ip              failure(64)
      rs-lua                  binary            framed-ip                failure(64)

      It looks like all lua and php tests failed.




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