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Patch to compile Thrift server and client for vc++ 9.0 and 10.0



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    • Windows XP 32bit, vc++ 9.0, 10.0

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      Extension of THRIFT-1031 patch published by James Dickson

      This patch is intended to provide Thrift C/C++ functionality on WIN32 platforms.
      The implementation is built on top of the patch "Patch to compile Thrift for vc++ 9.0 and 10.0" by James Dickson published as THRIFT-1031. I just used this code and ported more Thrieft C/C++ to WIN32 and added them to original VC projects created in THRIFT-1031.

      I express my gratitude to Mr. Dickson as his post gave me the roadmap how to do the additional changes, that I hope, would be useful for the rest of the community too.

      Besides client capabilities enabled in THRIFT-1031, the library can now be used for building Thrift servers and using concurrency features. The dir/file structure from THRIFT-1031 and usage of Config.h header for providing support for both WIN32 and *NIX remains.

      The implementation was tested briefly on MSVC2008, MSVC2010 and Ubuntu, communicating between C/C++ clients and servers and Java clients and servers. As the author needs all of this functionality for one of his projects, the testing and debugging will continue.

      Revision 1086435 from March, 28, 2011. was used for development and creation of patch, but it should be possible to apply it on current trunk revision as long as no changes are made to patched files in trunk.


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