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  2. TEZ-3328 [Umbrella] UI does not work well when there are separate DAG and session-level ACLs
  3. TEZ-3419

Tez UI: Applications page shows error, for users with only DAG level ACL permission.



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    • 0.7.0
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      Follow this logic and display better message:
      On loading app details page, send a request to <ats-address>/ws/v1/timeline/TEZ_APPLICATION/tez_<app-id>

      • If it succeed, display the details page as we do now.
      • If it fails, send a request to <ats-address>/ws/v1/timeline/TEZ_DAG_ID?primaryFilter=applicationId%3A<app-id>
        • If it succeed, then we know that DAGs under the app are available and assume that the user doesn't have permission to access app level data.
          • If AHS is accessible, display application data from there in the details page.
          • else if AHS is not accessible, display a message in app details tab, something like "Data is not available. Check if you are authorized to access application data!".
          • Also display the DAGs tab, for the user to see DAGs under that app.
        • If it fails, display error message as we do now.


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