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Tapestry 5 Tutorial Improvements



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      I just got done with the Tapestry 5 Tutorial. Awesome! Here are some recommended improvements. Mostly typos, but also some useful information for poor saps like me who are behind a firewall.


      Tapestry Tutorial: Introduction

      What is Tapestry?

      change "the better of you may be" to "the better off you may be"

      Chapter 1: Setting Up Your Environment

      Jetty Launcher

      Please add the following:

      If you are behind a firewall, you will need to set up a manual proxy configuration in Eclipse (Window, Preferences..., General, Network Connections)

      Chapter 2: Your First Tapestry Application

      Please add the following:

      If you are behind a firewall, before running any "mvn" commands, you will need to configure your proxy settings in settings.xml. Here is an example:

      <localRepository>C:/Documents and Settings/joeuser/.m2/repository</localRepository>

      The URL for the tutorial app is incorrect and should be http://localhost:8080/tapestry-tutorial1/

      Change "short and sweet: ou can see" to "short and sweet: you can see"

      There is no src/main/webapp/Start.tml, but there is a src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/Start.html

      Change "You do have to mee the" to "You do have to meet the"

      Change "This one of Tapestry's early" to "This is one of Tapestry's early"

      Change "get in the way of you getting our job done" to "get in the way of you getting your job done"

      Chapter 3: Implementing the Hi/Lo Guessing Game

      Change "make sure is the the Guess page" to "make sure it is the Guess page"

      Change "At issue here is the how" to "At issue here is how"

      Change "Tapestry determine what page" to "Tapestry determines what page"

      When you add the Persist annotation, you also need the import statement:
      import org.apache.tapestry.annotations.Persist;

      Change "this approach, the user of redirects" to "this approach, the use of redirects"

      Change "What would it take to change the the game" to "What would it take to change the game"

      Chapter 4: Forms in Tapestry

      Change "for editting them" to "for editing them"

      Change "seperated with an equals sign" to "separated with an equals sign"

      @Validate requires an import statement (import org.apache.tapestry.beaneditor.Validate

      Change "submits succesfully" to "submits successfully"




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