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prototype1.6.0 not support for ie8



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      First of all,forgive my poor english.
      I want to write a custom component which can update it by itself,the javascript code like this,
      T5ZK.update = function(ops) {
      var zone = $(ops.id);

      if (!zone)

      { Tapestry.warn("update zone:" + ops.id + "not find!"); return; }

      new Ajax.Request(ops.url, {
      method: 'post',
      parameters :

      {clientid : ops.id}

      onSuccess : function(transport)

      { var reply = transport.responseJSON; zone.update(reply.content); //here will update the content of the element }


      the rendered element will be like this:
      <div id="selfupdatezone">
      <a href="#" onclick="T5ZK.update(


      );return false;">gbagba1249956540593</a>
      the ajax response is like this:


      );\n","content":"<div id='selfupdatezone'><a onclick='T5ZK.update(


      );return false;' href='#'>gbagba1249956540593<\/a><\/div>"}

      all this is work fine in firefox,but in ie8 it broken.
      I view the page source and find that the result is :
      <DIV id=selfupdatezone><DIV id=selfupdatezone><A onclick="T5ZK.update(


      );return false;" href="#">gbagba718</A></DIV></DIV>

      as you see:the update method do not decode the html string such as & apos;
      I think this is the bug of prototype,I update the prototype to the vertion of 1.6.1-rc,and the problem is still exists.
      Now how can I resolve this problem?
      or anybody show me any other easy way to write a self-ajax-update component?

      at here I have some word to say about tapestry5:
      I don't like the javascript it support,I like it pure ,and I will hold the javascript by myself.But I like the support of asset such as include javascript,append javascript to the client.
      I eagerlly want to new a component in java code,but t5 do not allow me do this,do any one find the beaform editor is so complex?I can create a customer beanform editor in asp.net so easy but I find in T5,wicket,struts2,jsf is so hard.I want it just simple,and more simple...


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