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Add the facility to optionally disable on-focus-change triggered validation while retaining the on-form-submit validation


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    • Affects Version/s: 5.0.18
    • Fix Version/s: 5.2.2
    • Component/s: tapestry-core
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      The built-in client-side validation displays validation message bubbles on form submit, and also when a user changes focus away from a validable field. The former (on-form-submit triggered validation) is useful and a desirable feature from a customer perspective. The latter (on-focus-change triggered validation) is rather annoying, as validation bubbles keep popping up whenever the user clicks or tabs around the form.

      Ideally, it would be desirable to have a configurable option (perhaps on the Form component) to disable the on-focus-change triggered validation popups, while still retaining the on-form-submit triggered popups.

      Note: If the on-focus-change triggered popups validation were disabled, it would still be desirable to monitor the field focus change events, solely to remove existing validation markers (the red label and the x icon) if the field value now passes validation.


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