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TypeCoercer currently uses Object -> String and String -> Boolean, there should be a direct coercion from Object -> Boolean for <t:if/> performance.


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      An issue was raised in this thread:

      Describing the problem where:

      <t:if test="MyObject">

      causes MyObject to be coerced to a String before being coerced to a Boolean. For some objects this may be an expensive operation, and the common case (how often is the Entity you are editing on a page actually null?)

      Adding an explicit Object -> Boolean coercion will remove the need for the Object -> String coercion.

      A Number -> Boolean coercion is also required to prevent Integer -> Boolean from choosing the Object -> Boolean as a match (currently it goes Integer -> Long -> Boolean)

      At this point the only known issue is that any POJO that depends on the fact that returning "false" from toString will cause the Object -> String -> Boolean to return false will be broken. This seems like an unlikely case and can be worked around by providing a specific TypeCoercion for that object.


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