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Improve user password management / resource management



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      Resource management (for users, groups and any objects) is accessible via a dedicated icon (the second one from left side, see attached screenshot user_row.png).
      From there, several bulk actions (link / unlink, assign / unassign, provision / deprovision) are available, and status is also shown. However, the view feature (reporting the actual remote object on the external resource) is missing and should be added.

      About user password management:

      • when new user is created, password can be optionally provided (a sliding pane is available for this purpose)
      • when user is edited, new password can be optionally provided, but a pane with currently assigned resources (with remote view) is also available; for each resource a checkbox is present to indicate that password value must be sent there, in case of password update (see attached screenshot password_resources.png)

      It would be better to

      1. remove the resources pane at all (provided that the remote view will be anyway available from elsewhere)
      2. keep user password update but insert a warning message that password value will be sent to all associated resources (including the internal storage)
      3. add a further modal window, accessible as other features as in user_row.png for managing password update on internal storage and / or one or more resources


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