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Add some feedbacks when linking not existing groups/resources to existing user



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    • 2.0.4, 2.1.0
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      When using syncope-enduser to create or edit a User, it would be nice to have a feedback when user tries to link a group or resource that does not exist and block user from entering any group/resource when no groups/resources are available in the system.

      For instance ("Group" test case):

      • I am in "Groups" tab and manually enter a not existing group name in "Groups" input element;
      • Click "Next" and I'm on next tab;
      • Go back to "Groups" tab and the group I have entered is not there anymore.

      Problem: I have got no feedbacks about the situation and I have initially thought my group was linked to my user.

      Possible solution ("Group" test case):

      • Case 1: there is a group at least:
        • If user inserts a not existing group (he does not choose one from dropdown) and clicks on "Next" button --> show a message to warn that he must choose a group from dropdown : Sample ;
        • The group name he have entered will be removed from input element : Sample;
        • If user inserts no groups, everything should work as usual.
      • Case 2: there are no groups:
        • "Groups" input element should be disabled by default.


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