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Template mechanism for Enduser UI




      Provide a mechanism for defining templates (in terms of HTML, CSS and image files) to simply the appearance customization of the Enduser UI.
      The the goal of the issue is to provide a way to:

      • avoid HTML code duplication, and define reusable components.
      • define an HTML template mechanism which aim is to improve customizability of the enduser (enduser is meant to be customized and extended, it is not a finite product, but a proposal from which to start a new implementation).
      • exploit as much as possible code re-usability features provided by AngularJS (if possible).
      • if needed review actula CSS implementation, in order to better fit the new template mechanism
      • do NOT compromise (or change) enduser functionalities at all! Buttons, selects, wizard and other components should preserve their role and function; the core logic should remain the same, though enduser is open to discuss improvements also in that way
        This could be a good starting point to understand how to use AngularJS tools to implement templating.
        BTW If you have proposals that does not involve AngularJS features, they are well accepted and can be accepted anyway.
        Some of the features described there, like directives, have also been used in the Enduser to define some reusable components (e.g. dynamic-plain-attribute).


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