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'svn co -r' assumes dir exists in HEAD



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      Note that I can't comment on bugs for some reason (I can file them, 
      but I don't get an option to comment on them), so if you want more 
      feedback from me you will likely need to get it on the mailing list.
      The issue is that asking for an old revision of a directory that doesn't 
      exist anymore with svn co -r doesn't work, it assumes that all 
      directories that used to exist still exist.
      <saurik>    does this command not work for other people? or is it just 
      ebcause I'm using a semi old client?
      <saurik>    svn co -r 1000 http://svn.collab.net/repos/svn/trunk/expat-
      <mass>      sent for real
      <pretzelgod> file not found: revision `2610', path `/trunk/expat-lite'
      <pretzelgod> saurik: i get soem other stuff, then that
      <pretzelgod> saurik: i'm running HEAD of everything as of 30 minutes ago
      <saurik>    pretzelgod: ok, then this seems like a bug
      • mass      begins to really wish he had just stuck with local filesystem :-
      <saurik>    pretzelgod: that path sure doesn't exist in 2610, but it does 
      in 1000 (which is what I'm querying for)
      <pretzelgod> saurik: i think i see the problem
      <pretzelgod> saurik: it does an OPTIONS on teh URL
      <pretzelgod> saurik: that you gave; which is going to see teh head 
      revision (2610)
      <pretzelgod> of course that doesn't exist, so...
      • saurik    moved a directory in one of his repositories under the 
      assumption that all the build scripts he had that relied on it were using -
      r, and then started getting reports from people he works with that 
      everything stopped working :)

      Original issue reported by saurik




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