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svnadmin load of format 4 repositories - no way to normalize line endings if CR snuck in an svn:* prop in an earlier release.



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    • 1.8.16, 1.9.4
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      If a repository has svn:* properties (rev-props or normal props) with a CR in them, then it is possible to do an svnadmin dump, followed by a load, but only with a --bypass-prop-validation. However, that just punts the problem down the road to a future release. It is possible to fix all the revprops with existing tools, but regular svn:* props cannot be fixed by available tools. Only manually editing the dump file will fix the svnadmin load problem in this case.

      At least with 1.8 and later (that I've tested), svnsync will normalize line endings. So svnadmin load, and svnsync are inconsistent on this topic.

      As near as I can tell, Subversion removes the CRs on output for clients, and the no-longer acceptable CR is only visible to svnlook and svnadmin commands. In addition, it looks like it removes them on input in current releases. I think this means that Subversion clients will not be able to detect the CRs in a property. I believe this means that removing the CRs should just work in all cases.

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