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Misleading error from "svn copy" if parent path of the target does not exist

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    • Bug
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    • 1.9.4
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    • CentOS 6.7


      The issue is when create copy/branch/tag from a local working copy path using "svn copy", if the parent path of the copying target does not exist, the "svn copy" command fails with a misleading error message saying that the copy source (working copy directory) "is out of date" while that is not the case.

      The reproduce case (both client and server at 1.9.4):

      # svn info
      Path: .
      Working Copy Root Path: /root/repo05
      Relative URL: ^/trunk
      Repository Root:
      Repository UUID: deadbeef-b0b0-ca1f-f0f0-123456789abc
      Revision: 1
      Node Kind: directory
      Schedule: normal
      Last Changed Author: user01
      Last Changed Rev: 1
      Last Changed Date: 2016-07-29 15:37:02 +0800 (Fri, 29 Jul 2016)
      # svn ls ^/branches
      # svn cp -mm . ^/branches/test/br1
      Adding copy of        .
      svn: E155011: Commit failed (details follow):
      svn: E155011: Directory '/root/repo05/trunk' is out of date
      svn: E160013: File not found: transaction '1-2', path '/branches/test/br1'
      # svn mkdir -mm ^/branches/test
      Committing transaction...
      Committed revision 2.
      # svn cp -mm . ^/branches/test/br1
      Adding copy of        .
      Committing transaction...
      Committed revision 3.

      The error message certainly confuses the issue.



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