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      SVN is not a distributed but a centralized version control system. This is
      clear. It is therefore acceptable to me that it does not allow branching to
      another repo. However, it is not clear to me why it would need to limit merges
      to work only on the same repo. See the following example.
      -- The following story was posted in the forum, see
      There is a project in a shared svn repo, with a trunk and release branches in
      it. Every time a new release is about to be ready, a new branch is created to
      stabilize the release.
      My version of the project is based on a release branch, but it is not really
      branched off. Instead I created a local repo started off from a local working
      copy of a release branch. Then I applied a couple of dozens of patches to
      customize it, and committed one by one to this local repo.
      Now it is time to sync up with the next release.
               \              \
                -- release 1   -- release 2
                  :               |
                   :              |
                   -- my repo ----+?
      Trial 1
      cd <my repo's working copy>
      svn merge --dry-run <release1 repo> <release 2 repo> .
      Fails on the first folder found new in release 2.
      svn: E155010: The node <folder new in release 2 repo (not present in release 1,
      neither in my repo)> was not found.
      Trial 2
      cd <working copy of release2>
      svn merge --dry-run <release1 repo> <my local repo> .
      Fails with svn: E195012: '<repo release1>' must be from the same repository as
      '<my local repo>'
      Expected behavior:
      No E155010 for trial 1, or at least a command line option to silent these errors.


      Original issue reported by mr_user1




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