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Problems with svn add with multiple users



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      There is a bug when two users have data in the same working copy and one 
      attempts to add anothers' data and it is a read-only executable file.  The add 
      fails and subsequent cleanup efforts are futile and the only thing thing to 
      restore proper svn workarea operations is to rebuild the workarea.
      Here’s the steps to reproduce:
      1)	Check a working copy as user1
      2)	Open a directory temporarily for other users to write to
      3)	As user2 create dir1/file where file has the permissions of 555 
      (read/execute but NOT write).  The directory permission doesn’t seem to matter 
      as long its writable to user2.
      4)	As user1 attempt to  “svn add dir1”.  You’ll see the message: svn: 
      E000013: Can't create temporary file from template '<path>/dir1/svn-XXXXXX': 
      Permission denied
      You will then not be able do any svn operations (it will say you need to do a 
      cleanup and if you do a cleanup will complain that the node for the file in 
      question does not exist).  What’s interesting is that this only fails for non-
      writable executable files.  If the file(s) are not executable then the add works 
      fine.  So it’s something with having to set the executable bit…

      Original issue reported by ericbmn1




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