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Dynamic ACLs: LDAP storage for ACLs (not just group lists!)



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      I wonder how many of you could be interested on having the Access Control Lists
      (which store the permissions to access to files and directories under version
      control) supported by LDAP. I mean, instead of having the permissions stored in
      a file that must be modified by a System Administrator anytime a new directory
      or file has to be protected, permissions could be stored on an LDAP server. That
      way, the permissions could be changed "on the fly" (no need to restart Apache)
      by LDAP users which proper LDAP permissions, instead of System Administrators.
      From the implementation point of view, changes on mod_authz_svn shouldn't be
      dramatic (just to implement a small cache and LDAP access to retrieve the info
      stored now on file). Beside that change, some script should be provided to setup
      the LDAP server to store the ACLs, and some clues on how to maintain the ACLs on
      LDAP should be given as a guide or something like that.
      Hope to read your comments soon, as I just want to know if this worth the effort.

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