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'svn blame' should adjust to max username width



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      'svn blame' should adjust to the maximum username width for a given invocation,
      instead of either truncating or giving ragged edges on long usernames.  By
      adjusting conditionally, it could handle usernames like 'williamlyonphelpsIII'
      when they appear, but not pay the price for them when they don't.  For example:
      $ svn blame hello.c
        3828    jsmith 
        3828    jsmith void main (int argc, char **argv)
        1729    jsmith {
        1729    jsmith   printf ("Hello, world!\n");
        3828    jsmith   exit (0);
        3828    jsmith }
      $ svn blame goodbye.c
        3828    williamlyonphelpsIII 
        3828    williamlyonphelpsIII void main (int argc, char **argv)
        1729                  jsmith {
        1729                  jsmith   printf ("Goodbye, world!\n");
        3828    williamlyonphelpsIII   exit (0);
        3828    williamlyonphelpsIII }
      Note that the output remains automatically parseable even though the width
      cannot be predicted (actually, the output would be automatically parseable even
      if the width varied within an invocation -- the real reason to keep it fixed per
      invocation is human readability).
      MBK points out that this will require an API change, because the interface that
      prints the output needs to get the width from the API that provides the blame
      information.  He suggests that the API offer the usernames in a hash, instead of
      just offering the max width, so that other client presentations become possible
      (also, the provider can't know how string length corresponds to display width --
      only the caller can know that).
      We could do a similar trick with the revision number, by the way.  It seems that
      we're prepared to handle 7-digit revisions without any raggedness right now, but
      currently that wastes three spaces in, for example, the Subversion repository,
      which is still in the four digits.
      If this change does not go into 1.0, we may want to hold off on applying it in
      trunk, to avoid an early API divergence.


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